Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Ohio

If you need our company to help remove lint give us a call. You might think that your dryer’s lint trap is enough to protect your home from lint that accumulates while doing laundry, but did you know that lint also builds up in the dryer vent of your home? This build-up can lead to serious problems, including house fires! Call us at 937-507-2927 for any Dryer Vent, and Duct Cleaning Service to Ensure you and your family’s safety.

Lint has a way of building up in more than we realize. It can be found in the lint trap housing, the interior dryer duct, the dryer vent and even the dryer itself. All of this presents itself as a hazard to you and your family, and therefore is a serious issue all homeowners should be aware of.

The technician will use specialized tools to clean out both ends of the dryer vent, including the exit that may be located on your roof. Finally, any debris and lint inside your dryer will also be cleared away.

Dryer vent cleaning is “Easy & Fast” with Complete Detail, for call us at 937-507-2927. In addition, feel free to ask our about our air duct cleaning!